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top 5 friday – jeans for fall

Fall/Winter fashion is my favorite. I love my clothes to have lots of textures and layering, and the colder seasons suit that a bit better. Here are the TOP 5 jeans I want in my closet for fall. In no particular order. 🙂

1. Oxblood Skinnies


Get these here.

2. Medium-Wash Flares


Found here.

3. Olive Skinnies


These beauties link here.

4. “Fitted” Boyfriend Jeans


Sadly, these don’t link out anywhere.

5. Gray-ish Biker Jeans


These are like $1500 and for some reason, that’s really funny/scary to me.

Note: I’m kind of a pear/hourglass-shaped lady, and I’m fully aware that not all styles and trends look super awesome on me. BUT if I happen to find something I like, and am comfortable with the fit and all that other stuff that goes with buying clothes, I go for it!



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