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top 5 friday – bedroom decorating

It’s T5F again! (It’s only the second one, but who cares? I like pretending that I’m some blogger sensation and I have super awesome features like Top 5 Friday. Hence the acronym, already.


Anyway, at this point in my life, my sisters and I all share one bedroom. 4 girls – one room – two queen beds. It rocks. But. If and when I ever have a room to call my own, here are some inspiring bedrooms to me. In no special order:

1. The Pink Brick Bedroom


Is it even legal for a room to look this quirky and cute? The link leads here.

2. The Turkish Patterned Bedroom


So many textures! So many patterns! So me! Find it here.

3. The Big Window Bedroom


Totally dreamy. No pun intended. But that was a pretty good pun, actually. No link. Sorry!

3. The Unexpected Palate Bedroom


Woah. Pink. Yellow. Orange. Fur. Please. Here it is.

5. The Best-of-All-Worlds Bedroom


Brick? Check. Window? Check. Hardwood? Check. Cozy bed? Check. Cute rug? Check. Weird/Awesome light fixture? Check. Check, check, check it out.

So this whole, “bedroom inspiration” thing has really taught me a lot about myself as a person. And by “taught me a lot about myself as a person”, of course I mean that I found out I’m super picky and have champagne taste on a beer budget. How’s that for not even being legal to drink yet?

Anyway, I tend to like spaces that have some interesting architecture – big windows, brick walls, etc. And I’m super big on the texture factor. I think I want to redecorate my room now. If I can just get all four of us girls to agree. And if I can get all of us to agree to eat PB&J for 6 months so we can have enough money to decorate… Details.



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