diy quotes and backgrounds

Sometimes I pin these cute quotes and patterns and prints and places and as I’m pinning I think, “Golly, wouldn’t it be nice to DO something with these?” I hope you think that, too, or this tutorial will be kind of awkward for us all. Anyway, let’s get to it, children!

1. Start by scouring your Pinterest boards. If you don’t have Pinterest, don’t worry, you can use any pretty image you’d like! It’s best to stick with images that are similar to your phone’s face, just so that the pictures don’t stretch out and get all pixel-y. It’s better to choose an image that’s larger than you need – you can always crop it to size.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 124547 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 9222014 124120 PM.bmp

2. Head over to Click on the “upload photo” option.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 124626 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 9222014 124639 PM.bmp

3. Once it’s up, click on the “layer” tab (highlighted in orange) and pick “add photo”. Then choose “upload photos”.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 124838 PM.bmp

4. See those new photos in the tray on the left? Yeah, you just uploaded those. Draaaaag one of those onto the top of the image already being edited. Just like this.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 125243 PM.bmp

5. Now you can play around with the different effects offered on the sidebar. (Hint: multiply usually blends the pictures together perfectly!)

Fullscreen capture 9222014 125305 PM.bmp

6. Tweak the contrast a little – and there you have it!

Fullscreen capture 9222014 125327 PM.bmp

I made a few here for your viewing (and snatching!) pleasure.

2a15d3545f87e8541ea79c3b1108196c looking good

dab1a6891482b973a4bc8f50c2aaeeaf 7f2ae1dfbc9920dcf005006f626dcaca

08ad12464573d5f8f8de625b5f74f046 Sep

As you can see from these images, you don’t have to choose quotes to layer on top. Cute little images work, too!


Another secret: can’t find a quote on Pinterest that you’re looking for? Well, also includes an option just to type directly onto your image using any of their pretty fonts – so you can put that awesome lyric right onto your screen! Enjoy. 🙂

P.S. None of these images are mine – or were made by me. If they were, I’d be bragging about them a lot more.


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