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top 5 friday – leopard print done right

Yes, I know that in most snooty, fashionable minds, animal print is SO OUT. Like remember those awful giraffe print purses with the red faux leather straps that were so popular in 2010? Kinda makes me gag a little.

Contrary to popular belief, leopard print can be done tastefully and can even be pretty classy. You’re not gonna take my word for it? Okay, challenge accepted. Here are the top 5 ways this print is killing it.

1. The heel

leopard heel top 5 friday

2. The jeans

leopard jeans top 5 friday

3. The sweater

leopard sweater top 5 friday

4. The clutch

leopard clutch top 5 friday

5. The chair

leopard chair top 5 friday

So, here’s the moral of the story. If you’re a bold person – you probably already like leopard print anyway. You just keep doing what you do. If you’re not so bold, there are subtle ways to incorporate this trendy print into your wardrobe and home.

A few tips:

Keep the shapes of the item classic and simple, so that the leopard print won’t overwhelm.

Use the print in easily removable places, like a clutch or shoe. Not that there’s anything wrong with leopard carpet.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – just don’t use a bunch of different leopard prints in the same outfit.


Of course, the best advice I’ve ever received about style and decorating was to ignore all the rules and just go for what you love!


And it’s also ironic that I’m being Miss Fashion Advice Expert – yet I’m currently wearing a sweatshirt and jeans 2 sizes too big. Not a leopard spot in sight.



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