diy chain tassels

So, this tutorial is really easy. Like maybe even uncomfortably easy. Like maybe you’re gonna want to punch me in the face for posting something so simple.

Regardless, I made these chain tassels and thought you might want to see. As per my typical type A personality, I made a tutorial to follow along, even though this is wayyy too easy to even require a tutorial. Okay, enough of the disclaimer.

1. Get these things together. Jewelry pliers, lobster clasp, jump ring, little lengths of chain.

materials needed for chain tassels

2. Open up that jump ring slightly.

open the jump ring for chain tassels

3. Slide the chains on. Then add the lobster clasp and close the ring.

add chain to jump ring for chain tassels

add lobster claw and close jump ring for chain tassels

Easy, right?

one finished chain tassel multiple finished chain tassels

I attached mine to some longer, thicker chains to make necklaces, but I think these would also be darling as keychains or earrings if you use threaders instead of lobster claws.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Very industrial pretty.


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