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tissue paper flower garland

*commences moonwalk* “ABC/As easy as one two, three/as simple as do re mi/ABC/One, two, three/Baby, you and me” *terminates moonwalk*

Yeah, that’s basically how simple this garland is. And it’s super cool. Super cool. (MegaMind movie reference.)

1. Get this stuff together. (I’ve made these flowers using wrapping paper and a variety of other materials, so just mess around to get the look you want!)

materials for tissue paper flower garland

2. Cut the tissue and other papery stuff into squares and layer them together. I recommend 5-8 layers.

layers for tissue paper flower garland

3. Staple that sucker right in the middle.

staple tissue paper flower garland

4. Cut around the edges all round and wavy-like.

cut tissue paper flower garland

5. Fluff this flower, layer by layer, Here’s a .gif, friends.

fluff tissue paper flower .gif

6. Overlap the string and leaf and place it on the backside of the flower. (The leaf is optional, but I had some lying around and wanted to use them!)

add sting and leaf to tissue paper flower

7. Staple over that puppy! It make take a few staples to get the job done.

staple sting and leaf to tissue paper flower

8. Keep going. Space the flowers apart as far as you’d like.

keep adding to tissue paper flower garland

Aaaand, there you have it! Make sure to hang it up somewhere pretty!

I had originally planned to hang it up in my bedroom to replace the summer flower garland I had made, but when I walked through the house with it, my mom intercepted it and said it would look better in the living room. So I guess I need to make another one now. Good thing they’re so easy!

hang tissue paper flower garland

photo 1 (50)

I’ve also made these flowers to use as gift wrap decoration. They’re so versatile!


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