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top 5 friday – converse love

I just have to be straight up and say… I would not be true to myself if I didn’t share a little of my Chuck Taylor adoration in bloggy land.

Also, I can’t guarantee that this is going to be a top 5. It might be a top 55 or something.

So, TO START – here are my top 5 favorite  classic converse styles. I did say to start, right?

1. Black

black high top chuck taylors c45cd3f5bc783796d3866663a05df6ca

2. White

 46f0912a7af82361a9fc95db4a230b09white converse

3. Red

25e8d2b241a23bf477018b0b93c9f883                9717e5cc815f057737eec269efd03317

4. Blue

royal blue converse       3485ca71d63e10549823d27cde92e60d

5. Green

green converse9c9b29c9ce4bf4b8c8775c76e7273613

P.S. I love high and low tops equally.

AAAAANNNNDDD – I warned you that I didn’t think I could only pick 5. So I bent my own rules a little and made my top 5 “classics” and my top 5 “fancies”. That’s kind of weird, huh?  Oh well, here they are, regardless.

1. Leopard. 

leopard converse

You can read a little about my affinity for leopard here.

2. Missoni Converse

missoni converse

3. Jack Purcell Striped

jack purcell striped converse

4. Camo

camo converse chuck taylor

5. Herringbone

herringbone converse chuck taylor

And, naturally because even the best of us have a few flaws, here are my top 5 converse styles I just can’t get behind.

1. The Wedge

wedge converse

2. The Boot

black boot converse

3. The Rubbers

top 5 friday rubber converse

4. The Heel

top 5 friday purple heel converse

5. The Sandal

top 5 friday red sandal converse

But I mean, hey. If that’s your thing, rock it.

Even though nobody’s perfect, you have to admit, this is pretty darn close.

top 5 friday colorful converse


What are your favorites?


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