Top 5 Fridays

top 5 friday – items from Etsy

Oh Etsy, the wonderful land of gorgeous vintage and handmade goods you never knew you needed. And when you do realize that you need it – you need it NOW, like right now. If I had a couple of dollars to rub together, these would be the things I would purchase first.

1. Vintage Stamps from VerdeStudio


I can see so many possibilities with these stamps! I would love to collage them in the corner of an envelope to send as a special treat to someone (these are still valid US postal stamps). But what about for scrapbooking? I really, really want these.

2. Beet Tinted Lip Balm from SkinFoodbyAubrey


Just to further my undying love for beets (especially that color; it just can’t be beet! Oh, so lame.).

3. Watercolor Wallpaper from anewalldecor


I absolutely love EVERYLITTLETHING in this picture. That table, flooring, mmm – everything. AAAND since the only item that’s for sale in this entire photograph of loveliness is the wallpaper, I have to have it.

4. Succulent Cuttings from 5starsucculents


I have a crush on succulents. My kitchen windowsill over the sink is home to about 15 little succulents all planted in various white ceramic pieces. Now I need some in my room. And in my studio. And in every room of my house.

5. Raw Diamond Ring from xuanqirabbit


It’s no secret that I’m really into things in a natural state – I guess that’s the country in me – and these rings satisfy that little desire perfectly! Not to mention I’ve been eyeing raw diamond jewelry for about 800 years and still haven’t bought any. The winds are a’changin’.

Out of the hundreds of things on Etsy that I’d really like to buy, these are at the very top of my list. What are you digging on Etsy?

I have a little shop of my own. Check it out sometime!



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