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top 5 friday – perspectives

Being my normal emotional self, I think so deeply and I’m constantly vying to “find myself” and figure out how I can best be used by Christ. Most of the time, I try to convince myself that I need to quit over-analyzing everything, but in my moment of Friday weakness, I decided to share some perspectives that I’ve been pondering lately.

1. On Hardship


2. On Growth


3. On Overcoming Fear


4. On Individuality


5. On Hard Work


Just because I love you, I’ll give you a few freebies. (Well, I do love you, but the real reason is that I couldn’t get these images any bigger. But I do love you. Promise.)

966571711adc821c0a76137516dda993 70095e21fd7570aa7a0bc572f53b98a0

So, until next time, join me in being super super introspective and get a little perspective!


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