a very unofficial macaroni and cheese recipe

Story time, boys and girls!

Last week, I was home all by myself and feeling rather… lonely. It was gloomy outside and showing the first signs of colder weather here in my corner of California. My feet were icy and I had no one to talk to.

Moral of the story? Mac and cheese, of course!

I has 3 perfectly good boxes of the Kraft stuff in my pantry, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. So I made some “homemade” kind. And it literally took the same amount of time as the boxed macaroni.

Welcome to the most unofficial recipe of macaroni and cheese you will ever find floating around on the internet! It’s incredibly vague, exceedingly easy, and oh-so customize-able. You’d be hard pressed to mess this one up.

Here’s what I did.

1. Boil some elbow macaroni. No, I did not measure it. *unofficial, remember?*


2. While those noodles are cooking, throw some crackers (oyster or saltine are best) into a bag and crush them. Not TOO much; you’ll still want some biggerish pieces. Biggerish. Look it up.

DSC_0750 DSC_0751

3. Melt some butter in a saucepan (don’t undercut the power of the butter!) and add your crackers. Brown them up. Take them off the heat once they’re lightly browned so they don’t burn.


4. (Now would be a good time to drain those noodles.) Put some cream cheese into a small saucepan and stir it until creamy.¬†(I don’t know how much, but you really can’t mess it up)


5. Add some shredded cheddar. Again, however much strikes your fancy. Melt it into the cream cheese. Season to your liking.


6. Now it’s all coming together. Add the cheese mixture to your cooked noodles.


Once your macaroni is plated, add your cracker topping. Ohmygosh, it’s so good.



So, there you have it. The most vague macaroni and cheese recipe on the planet. Go for it. It takes less than 10 minutes. And tastes a little better than Kraft. Just sayin’.



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