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tour my fall dresser

It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn…

That means it’s time for a wardrobe change. No, not as in shopping. I WISH. More like a bin out in the shed with a few sweaters. Almost as good.

Now that my dresser’s all organized, I’m super excited to show it off! Now that I’m ready to post, I’m kicking myself for not taking a “before” picture, but honestly, that would have been a biiiit on the embarrassing side.

I’ll get into the photos in a second, but here’s what I did first:

1. Pulled out all of my clothes by type, and folded the ones that translate well into the cooler season.

2. Threw all of the off-season clothes into a bin to be folded later.

3. Put aside everything that needed to be hung.

4. Put aside everything that needed to be mended.

5. Removed everything from my dresser that was ill-fitting or held negative memories.

Now, here are a few pictures, and I’ll explain the organization as we go!

DSC_0453 DSC_0454

These “dressers” are actually Billy bookshelves (I think) from Ikea. You can buy doors separately, and I love that option! We actually have 4 of these tall things in our room; one for each of us sisters that share that bedroom.

Starting off at the very top, there are 2 wooden baskets.

The one on the left holds scarves, hats, beanies, legwarmers… all those fun and warm fall accessories.

The little one on the right is home to nylons and leggings.



The top shelf holds a little blue plastic basket. That thing holds slips and shapewear.

The wooden basket in the middle holds my swimwear! I’m a one-piece and tankini kind of girl, so those naturally take a little more room since they have a little more fabric.

The folded clothes next to the basket are swimsuit cover-ups.

Of course, this season doesn’t lend as nicely to swimming – the more clothes right now, the better! – but occasionally an event will come up and I just need my bathing suit without rummaging through the shed.

The second shelf is home to shirts and tops. The shirts on the right are comfy and slightly more casual.

The shirts in the middle are a bit more dressy, but not like hang-in-the-closet dressy.

Finally, the small stack holds tank tops and camisoles, mostly to layer under other tops.

DSC_0457 DSC_0459

The third shelf is the pant shelf (mostly). On the left, we have capris and “nicer” jeans.

The middle holds everyday jeans – my favorites and the most comfy/casual.

The first small basket holds undergarments and the second small basket holds knee and ankle braces. I’ll post about why I use those sometime.

The fourth shelf is the jammie shelf (mostly). The basket on the left holds more undergarments. (Man, it seems like I have tons of those, but a girl needs options!)

Next are the pajama tops and pants.


The fifth shelf holds everyday shoes and sweat clothes and workout clothes.

The last shelf is the boot shelf. I actually have another pair or two tucked away, but I don’t wear them as often.


I have to admit, these are not the last of my clothes. I have work clothes, dresses, and skirts hung in the closet. There are also 4 large built in drawers under the closet, and each of us have a drawer to hold extra shoes. I made good work of that drawer! I might have a littttttle probsession with shoes. Problem/obsession, okay?

How do you organize your threads?




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