easy & free – 3 level photo editing

Some of us just aren’t on the Photoshop level quite yet. I’m getting there (shout out to Adobe Creative Cloud) – but I’m still a little stuck in my old ways. I’ve been editing photos like this (easy & free) for years now… that’s really saying something as a mere 20-year-old… and I’m not quite ready to jump ship.

I’m ready to spill my secrets. Here’s a tutorial – actually a tri-toral – meaning, I show you three different photo editing levels depending on the time you have. 1, 2, or 3 minutes, respectively.

Without further ado…

Level 1, BABY!

Step 1: Log onto This tutorial is done without an account, simple using the free options available, but you can create an account to access some more advanced editing options.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 111626 AM.bmp

Step 2. Upload a new photo. *Tip* You can upload multiple pictures at once by holding down the Control Key and clicking the photos.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 111645 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 11222014 111734 AM.bmp

Step 3. On the “Basic Editor” (camera) tab, start playing with Exposure until you begin to like the color and contrast of the photo.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 111825 AM.bmp

Step 4. If your picture needs a little straightening, mess with Rotate and Flip.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 111846 AM.bmp

Step 5. If you want a different photo-tone, click on Colors and adjust the levels.

 Fullscreen capture 11222014 111918 AM.bmp

Step 6. Save your photo. You can rename it if you want to keep the original as well.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112131 AM.bmp

Off of that can be done in 1 minute or less! Here’s a Before and After of the Level 1 edit.

DSC_0381 level1edit

But I think we can still give this photo of my beautiful sister a little boost. Get ready for Level 2!

Step 6. (If you didn’t save the picture before…) Head on over to the “Retouch” tab with the little guy on it.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112235 AM.bmp

Step 7. EYE BRIGHT! This may be my favorite editing trick that ipiccy has. So so good. Adjust the brush size and zoom up on the eyes by moving the little slider on the bottom right. Highlight the eyes. They look pretty powerful at this point, so once you zoom back out, I recommend fading it a little, so it looks natural. *Tip* You can also add “mascara” on the dropbox underneath, but my sister has pretty lashes already, so I decided to skip that step.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112247 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112259 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 11222014 112324 AM.bmp

Step 8. Move back over to the “Basic Editor” tab and drop down “Levels”. Adjust those little scales to your heart’s content.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112542 AM.bmp

Save the picture if you want to stop here. That’s the 2 minute version.

Here’s the Before and After of the original picture compared to Level 2.

DSC_0381 level2edit

Finally, if we want to go all out, let’s kick it up with Level 3!

Step 9. Back on the “Retouch” tab, you have some options to smooth out the skin. My sister has some glowing skin already, but I wanted to even out the shadowing and tones caused by the beachy weather. It seems like the airbrush dropdown would be best, but you need an account to use that option. Here’s a secret… I like the wrinkle remover even better. It lends to a more natural finish. Tinker with the brush size and smooth it over the areas of face and neck you want adjusted.

AND REMEMBER TO FADE FADE FADE it out until it’s almost not there. You just want a touchhhh of this option, or you’re gonna look like a crazy. We don’t want that.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112732 AM.bmp

Step 10. Add some lip color! This one is really fun. You can choose lots of premade colors, or make your own. As always, fade it out, homeboy. You will likely freak out when you see the color at first. They’re usually really bright, unnatural, and look nothing like the color on the side. Fade will solve all of these issues.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112831 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112918 AM.bmp

Step 11. Eye bright isn’t just for eyes. You can really make brows pop with this option. Fade. Please. *Tip* I don’t like using eye bright on eyes and eyebrows at the same time. The eye bright makes the brows really dark and if you do the eyes and brows simultaneously, you will probably not like to color balance between the eyes and brows. To solve this, do the eyes first, then apply. Reopen the eye bright and do the eyebrows, then apply. You’re welcome.

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112938 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 11222014 112951 AM.bmp

Save that sucker because WE ARE DONE. Of course you want another comparison. I do too.

DSC_0381 level3edit

Pretty cool, right? I love that the integrity of the photo isn’t compromised, and that my sister doesn’t look like someone she’s not.

And all of that was free. And under 3 minutes.

iPiccy has many more awesome features that are free, but this picture didn’t need them. Some of my other favorites are Teeth Whiten (I swear by this one), Hue & Saturation, and Hair Color for some highlights. Play around for 10 minutes and you’ll find some awesome options.


I know you want to thank me profusely. I mean, I just saved you an hour and about $20/month for Photoshop. But really, just chalk this up to community service. It’s my pleasure to bring prettier pictures into the light. Really.

But if you dare dodge my warning and decide NOT TO FADE anything, please, kindly… keep it to yourself and don’t tell people that you heard it from me.



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